4.8 MW HFO Power Plant

4.8 MW HFO Power Plant


Manufacturer Type:BV 12 M 640

Output:2X12170 KW at 100 % load

Year of Manufacturer:1996

Power:4.8 MW/each


Frequency:50 Hz

Running Hours:34.000-35.000



Power:5.698 kVA

Voltage:6600 V

Voltage:11 kV

4.8 MW HFO Power Plant
  • HFO system: separation system, feeder booster unit, filter unit, viscosity control unit
  • Lube oil system
  • Daily tanks
  • Unit of starting air compressor (1 per gen-set)
  • HT water preheating unit
  • Water treatment. Softener with silica filter

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