coal power plant
600 MW Coal Power Plant GE(SUPERCRITICAL)


600 MW never used coal power plant(supercritical).

NEW Unit power block is a coal-fired electric generating unit comprising a nominal 600 MW GE steam turbine, tandem-compound 4-flow single reheat unit with throttle conditions of 241 bar, 565°C/593°C. The Alstom steam generator is rated at approximately 2.100 tons per hour capable of burning bituminous coal only or a combination of bituminous coal and petcoke (up to a 70%/30% blend). Coal pulverizers have significant design margin operating at ~70% for MCR firing.

The plant design heat rate with this power block is 9200 kJ/kw-hr with turbine control valves wide open (VWO) and average ambient conditions with a circular mechanical forced draft cooling tower, an electrostatic precipitator, and a wet limestone flue gas desulphurization system. All cycle design has been incorporated into the equipment for sale and cycle information is available for all other normally desired conditions.

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