Gas engine

2 MW Gas Engine

Operating Hours:59.595

Motor Type:TBG-604 CV-8

Main Maintenance:48.000 h

Generator Type:1FC8409

Generator Power:660 kVA

Generator Manufacrurer Date:1994

Air Cooling Brand Name:Friterm

AC Power:16 kW

Type:FYKS 5024 C4 2,5

AC Manufacrurer Date:2005

AC Number of Fans: 8

Power:16 Kw

Revolution:880 d/dk

Heat Room Type: WTG-GD 6.5 /16

Manufacturer Date:1994

Volume: 250 lt

Efficiency: 331 kW

Operation Temp.: 90oC

Operation Pressure: 10bar

Absorption Manufactured year:2000


Power:11 Kw

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